Angelina di Bello’s Pearls of Wisdom

Throughout Angelina di Bello’s lifelong career in haute couture, she emphasized three points repeatedly to all her students and television viewers. The first point was to always add some inventive detail to a garment to make it a unique, true one-of-a-kind garment. The woman, who sees such a garment and is a connoisseur of quality, will recognize it and appreciate the time that was involved to make it. For such a discriminating woman, that garment would be treated as a piece of art that she would buy and admire.

Individuality will always be one of the conditions of real elegance.
The detail is as important as the essential is. When it is inadequate, it destroys the whole outfit.
Christian Dior

Angelina di Bello also emphasized that in previous times, fabric was the major expense in garments and that today it is labour. While the cost of fabric in a couture garment may seem less than the labour cost, it is important to understand that high-end materials are becoming more and more expensive. So it could be argued that both fabric and labour are the major expense in couture garments.

The third point that Angelina di Bello emphasized was fit. A highly skilled fitter at a couture salon is the highest paid employee in a workroom. The reputation and potential revenue of the salon depend on such fitters. No client who is spending a lot of money for custom-made clothing would accept many fittings. The great Christian Dior himself said that usually for a dress three fittings are needed.

Perhaps no one will tell you that you are wearing a beautiful dress, but everyone will find you to be beautiful if style, fabric, and fit are in harmony.
Angelina di Bello

It is one of the great secrets of haute couture that a well-cut dress is the dress that contains the least cuts.
A good dress is, first of all, a well-fitted dress.… It is the fitting that helps to emphasize the loveliness of yourself and to hide the little faults you may have.
Christian Dior