The True Meaning of Being “Well Dressed”

When a man or woman is well dressed, that person gets noticed. But what exactly does being “well dressed” mean? The simple answer is that the person follows three main rules:

  1. They understand their natural colouring, namely their skin, hair, and eye colouring.
  2. They know what type of silhouette they have.
  3. They understand their body proportions.

Natural Colouring

Your natural colouring consists of a palette of colours that complements and flatters your face. That palette does not radically change throughout your life, and does not change if you dye your hair. As a person ages, the only thing that changes is the intensity of the colours in the palette. A lot of information has been written about “colour seasons” and this knowledge is the minimum that anyone should learn when it comes to being well dressed.

The “Color Me Beautiful” method of identifying appropriate colours for your natural colouring is the best way to choose clothes and accessories that will enhance your appearance. The appropriate colours will make your face look younger and make your features look more striking. The wrong colour palette makes you look tired and/or sickly, and can even emphasize lines on your face. It is not recommended to purchase clothes or accessories that do not match your natural colour palette.

In our next posts, we will talk about silhouette and body proportion.

It is not money that makes you well dressed: it is understanding.

Christian Dior

Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them.

Albert Einstein