The True Meaning of Being “Well Dressed” pt. 2

In our previous post, we talked about your natural colouring. In this post, we will examine silhouette.


Many people think that their silhouette is either straight, triangular, pear-shaped, or hour-glass, but there is far more to understanding your silhouette than these labels suggest. First of all, in order to understand your silhouette, you need to examine what your body shape looks like from both the front view and the side view.

Why? Because your silhouette also includes your posture. Some questions to ask yourself as you examine your silhouette are:

  • Are you swaybacked?
  • Do you have a prominent abdomen or derrière?
  • Does your torso appear rounded compared to your legs with minimal definition of a waistline?
  • Do you have knock knees or bow legs?
  • Is one shoulder higher than another or one leg longer than another?
  • Is your bust or derrière very prominent?
  • Is your torso short compared to your legs? Or is the other way around?
  • Are your hips high relative to your waist or are they low?
  • Is your bust high or low relative to your upper torso?
  • Does your waistline appear parallel to the floor when you look at your side view? Or does your waist dip much lower in the front?
  • Are your shoulders square or sloped in appearance?

Once you properly examine and understand your silhouette, you can identify which styles or garments are appropriate or inappropriate for your body. For example, a woman with a prominent bust should not wear boleros because the shortness of the jacket will only emphasize a large bust.

It is important to understand that depending on the undergarments worn, a woman’s silhouette may appear to be different from her usual or “natural” state. We cannot emphasize enough that when a woman wears well-fitted undergarments, she will look far more elegant in whatever she wears than if the undergarments are poorly fitted.

In our next post, we will take a look at proportion.