The True Meaning of Being “Well Dressed” pt. 3

In our third post of our “well dressed” series, we will examine proportion.

When someone asks, what does understanding proportion mean, most people have no clue. In art, proportion refers to the relative sizes of different elements and how those elements appear together. If an artist has a very sound understanding of proportion, then the whole composition appears balanced and in harmony.

In a similar way, these ideas relate to your body. For example, body proportions refer to how wide your shoulders appear in relation to your waist, to your bust, and to your hips.

As we discussed with silhouette, you need to examine your body proportions in both the front view and the side view. Some questions you need to ask yourself are:

  • Does your neck appear short or long in relation to the size of your face and your torso?
  • Do your shoulders appear narrow in relation to the rest of your torso? Or do they appear broad?
  • Does your bust or derrière appear too prominent? Or do they look balanced relative to each other?
  • Is your face shape round, square, heart-shaped, or very angular? And how do your eyes, nose, and mouth appear in relation to your whole face shape?
  • Does your body appear angular, bony, muscular, or round shaped?
  • Does your body appear to be large boned, heavy-set, small-boned, or slight?

As with our discussion on silhouette, these questions are just a few that a custom clothier must consider when designing a well-fitted garment that will look elegant and appropriate for your body.