Up and Out

In this post, we feel it is important to discuss the “up and out” belief that many women have regarding bra fit. Most women think that a bra that pushes the breasts out and up high is well-fitted or flattering. The problem is that they are not considering the natural proportions of their bodies.

Generally, a well-fitted bra will make the height of the breasts appear to be halfway between the shoulder and elbow. But there are always exceptions. A woman with breasts with minimal projection or a woman with breasts that sit naturally higher on the torso will have a slightly different position that looks appropriate for a well-fitted bra.

Depending on the woman, there may be no difference in breast height whether or not she is wearing a well-fitted bra. Generally, the larger the breast size, the more noticeable will be the difference between wearing a well-fitted bra or not. But again, it depends on the woman.

Similarly, a well-fitted bra will make the projection of a woman’s bust look appropriate for her body proportions. A very large busted woman with a bra that pushed her breasts for maximum projection would create a disproportionate appearance since her bust would be the main focus, not her.

Ideally, a well-fitted bra will flatter a woman’s silhouette yet give her a “natural” look so that she looks both elegant and balanced.

Without proper foundations, there can be no fashion.

You can never really go wrong if you take nature as an example.

Christian Dior