What Shape Are You?

Breast shape is a topic that most women have no idea about because they incorrectly assume that breasts will fill the cups of a bra and take on the shape of that particular bra design. This is not true.

To properly understand breast shape, you need to understand both your own natural breast proportions and the quality of your breast tissue. The reason is that breast shape is, to a large degree, related to how soft, pliable, dense, firm, or heavy the breasts feel. In addition, both your natural breast proportion and your breast tissue quality have nothing to do with a particular bra you may be wearing. In other words, a bra will not change your natural breast shape or how your breast tissue feels.

That is why, for those who choose to wear bras or any other similar closely-fitted undergarment, the garment must be properly fitted to your body and not the other way around—that is, you fitting into the garment. When you try to fit into a garment, especially a closely-fitted one like a bra, you are asking for trouble; and given enough time, this will lead to health problems that will manifest as body pain and discomfort, not to mention the fact that you will have undesirable marks, like ridges and grooves, on your body that are very difficult to eliminate.

Even if you think that a bra fits you well, the real test of its fit is to see what happens when you start moving your body. For most women, the bra will either restrict your movement in some way or it will move in a completely different way from your body. Either way, the result is the same: pain and discomfort.

In our next post, we will examine breast shape even further.