What Shape are You? pt. 2

In this post, we will take a closer look at natural breast shapes.

The natural shape of a breast comes in an incredible variety. No two women will have exactly the same breast shape. The terms round, pear-shaped, conical, pendulous, etc. are very crude descriptions that actually describe the visual effect of various measurements and proportions that relate specifically to a breast.

Unfortunately, both men and women are continually bombarded with images in the media and advertising of round breasts—images which have been doctored up digitally and/or with plastic surgery. It is extremely rare for a woman to have natural breasts that are perfectly round and sit like round balls on the chest.

In order for a custom bra-maker to properly fit a bra, breast shape must be considered. Without this, the bra will appear to be squeezing, flattening, or otherwise altering the natural proportions that would best suit a woman.