Do You Have a Good Fit?

The concept of properly fitted garments seems, for the most part, to be largely ignored or not understood by the majority of people. What is a good fit? When does a particular garment fit a person’s body perfectly, and when does it not?

First of all, it is important to understand that properly fitted garments are not tightly fitted clothes. That is, when clothing feels tight against the body, it does not mean that the clothes are properly fitted. If anything, it is far more likely that the clothes do not fit at all.

What constitutes proper fit in clothing? To answer this question, we need to understand a few fundamental ideas, and the best way to visualize this is by a comparison of proper fit with poor fit.

One important point to understand is that properly fitted clothes are not ready-to-wear garments. If you do not know how to fit yourself, then it is highly advisable to consult with a bespoke clothier who has the know-how to properly fit the garments you are looking for. A bespoke clothier has the required skill and keen eye to properly assess your silhouette and proportions, and make an appropriate garment that will fit and flatter you.