Do You Have a “Complete” Look? pt. 3

Continuing with the theme of our previous two posts, we are going to look at shoes as part of a complete look.

Shoes reflect, not only personal style choices, they also reflect what you value. High-quality, well-made shoes indicate that the wearer of the shoes values their appearance and their feet. The quality of materials, workmanship, fit, and comfort, all contribute to the pleasure and satisfaction that the wearer enjoys. Here are two examples of high-quality shoes.

Cheap shoes indicate that the wearer not only doesn’t care about quality and workmanship; they also don’t care about their comfort or support for their feet. It is a statement of cheap fashion. Cheap shoes are made of cheap, low-grade materials that contribute to a variety of foot-related issues, such as corns, fungal growth, among others. The lack of structural support in cheap shoes contributes to a variety of health conditions that not only affects the feet but the whole body, since the lack of arch support, for example, affects posture and gait. While foot conditions are the result of other factors as well, poor-quality footwear is a major culprit.

Furthermore, cheap shoes have a huge energy and socio-ecological footprint. You are definitely contributing in a significant way to climate change and social injustice when you buy such items, since neither the resources used, including energy, nor the human labour abuses are factored into the price. And at the end of the very short life-cycle of cheap shoes, you are treating the planet like an ever-increasing enormous trash can.

If you wear a stunning outfit and then finish off the look with cheap shoes, you are doing yourself a dis-service. A well-fitted and flattering outfit deserves the same care when selecting the shoes. And, of course, high-quality shoes deserve to be well-treated by the wearer—if the shoes get dirty, they should be cleaned so that they continue to serve the wearer for many years.

You can never take too much care in selecting shoes. Too many women think that because they are low down, shoes do not matter, but it is by her feet that you can judge whether a woman is elegant or not.

The two essentials for shoes are—first, that they should be made of good quality leather or suede; and secondly, that they should be in a simple, classic style.

Christian Dior