The True Image of Fast Fashion

Fast fashion is a term that is making its appearance more visible, albeit rather slowly in the media. What exactly is “fast fashion”? Simply put, fast fashion refers to the consumer junk fashion industry—an industry that is interested in saturating the marketplace with low to very-low quality clothes and accessories. You see fast fashion everywhere because so many people have bought into the idea that more is better.

Instead of purchasing high-quality clothing and accessories that are not just very well-made but also made of high-quality materials, many people have allowed themselves to become brainwashed by slick advertisers who are interested in making easy money on selling junk. Those junk goods are primarily made in China, but their reach is global. They are found all over the world, both in stores and, unfortunately, in landfills. Textiles are one of the largest single items found in landfills globally and their manufacture and disposal is causing an environmental crisis.

And the environmental crisis is not just limited to landfills. It extends very far and wide, from toxic soil, air pollution, severe water pollution and water shortages, to climate change.

We all need to wear clothing, and we all want to be attractive and feel unique in our clothing choices. Yet the reality is that most people are wearing the same low-end clothes that neither look good nor fit well. You can’t feel unique and happy in your clothes when everyone else is wearing the same substandard garments. You can only be attractive and feel unique when you choose clothing that you love, and that suits and fits you.

More clothing is not better if the clothes are low-end. It is far better to have less garments but be very discriminating about what you purchase. A well-fitted pair of pants that fits you perfectly and is well made will certainly be a garment that you will love to wear and that will make you feel happy and attractive. If you purchase a bespoke garment with haute couture details, you will definitely love that garment because it will be something that will give you enjoyment each time you wear it. From the feel of the fabric, to the fit, to the findings and details, no fast fashion garment could come anywhere close to a bespoke haute couture garment.

So the next time you are thinking of purchasing a garment or a fashion accessory, take a very close look at the item. Do you really love it and plan on wearing it for some time? Or are you going to trash it in a month or two for something else? Our planet and your wallet deserve better—far better.