Designing a Textured Look

At Creativ Dezign, we are always looking for new ways of creating undergarments and loungewear. Our recent foray has taken us into the world of shoulder and body wraps. For the boudoir, nothing is more practical than a wrap for warmth and modesty.

We decided to create two unique designs using 100% worsted merino wool. Of course, there is an infinity of design possibilities for wraps. Both designs were crocheted by hand to create a luxurious, unique look.

In this post, we will explore using texture to create a richer appearance for a garment.

The stitches on the first design were chosen to give a sense of textured ridges. Although lines are clearly visible in the design, the yarn twists in the stitches give a textured depth that provides a three-dimensional visual appearance. The pointed ends of the wrap design further enhance the textured lines and give the wrap an overall sense of length.

Our blue boudoir wrap

In the second design, we chose stitches that give a sense of relief to the overall appearance—some stitches appear to pop outward, while others appear to recede in the background. This strong relief pattern creates a significant amount of depth and texture, which is softened by the large rectangular shape of the wrap.

Our red-champagne boudoir wrap
Both wraps were designed to have a different amount of coverage to suit the occasion or personal taste—the blue wrap offers medium coverage, while the red-champagne wrap offers much greater coverage. Although many people associate worsted weight yarn with large, bulky looking garments that often lack sophistication, we chose worsted weight merino because it is incredibly soft and warm. We also created designs that enhance a woman’s femininity rather than add unattractive bulk, and the wool quality enhanced the visual appearance of the detail in the stitches we used.