Starting the Year with Minimalism

Happy New Year to all! We would like to start the year 2020 with the idea that “less is more”—an idea that we have always held to be true at Creativ Dezign. This “minimalist” idea is even more important in our current world situation of climate emergency, massive overconsumption and waste, and our distorted views on money, particularly, money that grows in of itself without any fair exchange of a product or a service of value.

On this note of minimalism, we have added hand-knitted items to our collection. Below is an example of how a one-colour yarn, in this case 100% merino, can be made into something with both visual appeal and texture.

Green brioche rib beret
Green brioche rib cowl

We started off experimenting with brioche rib, a knitted stitch that creates a fabric of loops that are literally stacked on top of each other. This “stacking” causes the fabric to feel thick and substantial in the hand, as well as being warmer to wear. Brioche stitches tend to be very stretchy because as new knitted stitches are formed some of the stitches from the previous row become unravelled. It is this unravelling that creates the elasticity. Brioche rib produces a reversible fabric.

Below is another one of our designs of a brioche rib hat and cowl set; this set has two different values of blue, although other colour combinations are possible. Whether one or more colours are used, brioche rib is visually very striking as a knitted stitch. The clearly defined ridges add depth and texture that is very visually appealing.

Two-tone blue brioche rib beret
Two-tone blue brioche rib cowl