Wraps, Wraps, and More Wraps

Over the past few months, we designed a number of knitted accessories to compliment our haute couture bespoke lingerie or any other high-end garments you may have. In this post, we will feature our latest wraps. Both of these designs were done using European-made wools.

The first of these has a diamond-relief pattern, creating a very subtle but visible effect on a very dark chunky Swiss-made wool. The diamond pattern is more obvious on the back of the wrap.


Diamond-patterned wrap, back view

The second wrap design features a highly textured knitted pattern in a very soft yarn that combines silk, merino, and alpaca fibres. The yarn also has a transition of colour from very dark orange to a very light peachy colour.

To add further texture and visual interest, we added curlicues along the edges.


Orange textured wrap, draped

Both wraps are very soft and warm and would be equally stylish when worn with an evening dress or with exquisite lingerie in the boudoir. In fact, the possibilities for designs are endless when it comes to wraps in high-end yarns.