The Allure of Boudoir Fingerless Gloves

In this post, we will focus on one accessory that is often overlooked when people think of intimate apparel, that is, fingerless gloves. It is an accessory that is both beautiful and functional. We have designed a number of different styles in 100% worsted merino wool. Some styles are crocheted on one side, while others are all knitted.

The blue gloves below feature a crocheted shell design on the top, while the green gloves feature a crocheted netted pattern for a more revealing look.

blue crocheted gloves

Blue crocheted shell fingerless gloves

green crocheted gloves

Green crocheted fingerless gloves

Both gloves have a knitted underside for ease of putting them on and off. And for a better fit, we used a brioche rib pattern at the wrist.

If you prefer fingerless gloves with a thumb, we have two all-knitted glove styles. Both designs feature brioche stitches and two contrasting colours. The first design is a brioche rib pattern, and the second is a honeycomb brioche on the top with a brioche rib on the underside.

brioche rib gloves

Two-colour brioche rib fingerless gloves with thumb

honeycomb brioche gloves

Two-colour honeycomb brioche & brioche rib gloves with thumb

The contrasting colours create an interesting visual effect. And on the honeycomb brioche style, the brioche rib on the underside adds an element of surprise to the style.

As with our other 100% worsted merino wool accessories, these gloves are warm, functional, and ultra-chic and are sure to become a favourite. They can be ordered in different colour combinations, yarn weights, as well as choices of high-end yarns.