Knit Once, Knit Twice

Our newest addition to our gallery of wraps features twice knitted stitches. This type of knitting is rarely used for garments, and when it is, the garments are usually very unattractive.

Twice knitting is a technique that results in an appearance that features slanted stitches, and the resulting knitted fabric has a very soft and desirable texture.

When these stitches are worked on very large knitting needles, the fabric becomes wonderfully stretchy as well. So any style that is made will conform very nicely to a person’s body.

The characteristics of appearance, texture, and a smooth body-conforming contour are what we sought to achieve with our newest design.

twice knit wrap front

twice knit wrap back

Twice knitted stitches have an extra bonus feature—that is, that the resulting fabric is very stable and will last a long time.

So why not indulge yourself? Our wrap is available in a variety of colours and high-end natural materials to suit your personality and style.